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How to Sign In

You can begin by visiting 'Member's Sign-in" page on www.marinfirechiefs.org and using your email address to sign in.  The new Chief's Website is hosted by Google. You will need to either:

  1. use a Google based email account to sign in (gmail.com, rossvalleyfire.org, etc),
  2. OR you will need to create a Google account for your own email address (i.e. yahoo, city.org, etc). The attached video will walk you through the process and the screen shots and links below will help you setup a google account for your non-google email address.
  3. Learn how to test your access here >>

If you will be using a non-Google email address, you will need to follow the 3 steps below.  The linked video provides a brief overview of creating an account.  I recommend starting with the video.

Step 1

Again, if you have a Google based email address, Ross Valley Fire, Ross Fire, etc., you can use that sign in.  Otherwise, click the "Create account now" link.
Step 2
Create your Google account.  Key points: you can use your own email address, i.e. yahoo.com, cityofmillvalley.org, etc., and you can specify any password. Create an Account >>

Step 3 - Sign in

Click the "sign in with different account" link and enter your email address.
That's it.  Once you have created the account, you can access the Chief's site including the Files, Calendars, and all other resources.  If you have any questions, just let us know at admin@marinfirechiefs.org.
One more thing: if you have another email account that is google based; i.e. gmail.com, etc., and you use it regularly, Let us know and we can save you some trouble and invite you using that account.

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